I got into an argument via Fb, where else, right? 
And so, instead of blocking their names, I thought I should share the third world thinking process they share. I know a lot of you might have something to say, and so I thought I’d share.  

Basically, I’m called retarded and bashed because my ideas of equality are apparently incredibly unorthodox and psychotic.  

If you want links, I got em. I have no time in my daily life anymore to argue with idiots like these, there are bigger fish to fry in congress.  

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tags: rape. chauvinism. womens rights. female. argument. personal. rape culture. condoning rape. FB. facebook. these guys are a bunch of fucking idiots. victim. rebellion. protest. green party. wisdom. i hate everyone and their mother.

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    Ong this got me so angry, you go grrrl !
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    I really want to reblog this because I think it makes a point that I’ve been faced with a lot lately. I’ve been single...
  8. theregularnonsense said: I literally just died reading that. And then I looked them up on Facebook and died again.
  9. concreted said: Oh my fucking god I am so sorry that these people are waving their ignorance in your face